Interactive map composer

Building thematic maps requires dealing with many moving parts. But there are also some parts that don't move (much). To streamline the process, we build Origeo, a web-based tool that enables us to quickly compose a map visualisations from a variety of data sources, reusable code and media snippets. The final code can then be published directly, or bundled and exported for use on any other web server. The plan is to opensource the code at a later point. Also, there will be more documentation here.

  • Client: Internal / Infrastructure
  • Date: Ongoing since 2015
  • Online: www.origeo.net (closed testing)

  • Wiki-Style instant virtual file structure generation
  • Data-driven code generation, spreadsheet import
  • Reusable snippets, syntax highliting


  • Autogenerated Forms based on JSON-Schema
  • Data-driven code generation, spreadsheet import
  • Live Map preview