Join us on the streets of Bern!

Paul Klee? An exceptional artist, of course. What about Klee the musician, the student, the refugee? Join us in the streets of Bern and learn about the man behind the paintings.


Our soundwalk app (iOS & Android) approaches Klees oeuvre literally step by step and takes you on an exploratory tour through the city of Bern. One crucial principle of our concept was the consolidation of past and present. What you see on your walk and what you hear using your headphones should create a harmonious experience. "Roads to Klee" not only guides you to buildings, but takes you right inside. This way for instance, a lively cultural center turns out to be Klee's old high school, a place where he developed his interest for art.


Deixis chose seven sites Klee's hometown Bern which play an outstanding role in his life. Based on various city strolls, we created a route, audio material and photos. This served as a basis for our subsequent text and audio production.